Forest Park Handball Club

3 Wall & 4 Wall Big Blue Handball

We are one of the oldest outdoor handball clubs in the country. Our original courts were built c.1940. We currently have four, wood, 3 wall courts (24'X52') and four, concrete, 4 wall courts (20'X40'). FPHC hosts 4-6 tournaments a year for singles and doubles with an A, B, and C class. Our handball courts are almost in constant use several months out of the year. If it is above 20 degrees F. you can expect to see players on the courts. We have a wide player age range from the teens to the 80's!
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Long Ago
Below, are photos of our newly reconditioned courts finished July 2010.
Thank you very much to the Parks Dept.
Our courts are in the heart of St. Louis in Forest Park.
It is a beautiful setting with many bikers, skaters, walkers, joggers and runners streaming by the 3 wall courts. Just 100 yards away we have modern rest rooms and facilities for showers. There are also magnificent large trees adjacent to the courts that provide shade and shelter during the hot St. Louis summers. Stop by should you be in the vicinity, please!
Mike Faille has passed away 10-27-11
Here's some photos of Mike Sent by
his daughter Linda. Mike will be missed by all.
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Father John Kavanaugh has passed away (11-5-12)
Carman Natoli has passed away (11-8-12)
John was a wonderful Gentleman.
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